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Image banner for the November 2023 PFRE Photographer of the Month Winner Javier Sotomayor, with a featured image of his winning photo titled "Open"

Congratulations to Javier Sotomayor, November 2023 PFRE Photographer of the Month! The theme this month was "Open." Javier Sotomayor - Entry #879 Dave Koch - Entry #877 Peter Wingfield - Entry #874 Here's what Javier has to say: Hello First of all I wa ...



For over a decade, photographers from around the world have participated in PFRE’s monthly photography contests, culminating in the year-end crowning of PFRE’s Photographer of the Year. With a new theme each month and commentary offered by some of the finest real estate & interior photographers anywhere, these contests offer a fun, competitive environment with rich learning opportunities. 

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Here is a Targeted Approach to Email Marketing That Works For Real Estate Photographers

Learning how to use a real estate photography email template in a targeted way is a great way to save time and increase your efficiency. They can be used for various purposes, from business to personal use. An email template is a pre-written email you can use as is or edit as you see fit. […]
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How to License Your Photo: Photo Usage Rights Guide

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No matter what kind of photography you do, learning how to license your photos is essential to growing and increasing revenue for your photography business.  In today’s internet era, it’s easy for anyone to illegally download and use images both online and in print, making an airtight photography license agreement your best tool to get […]

How to Sell Virtual Staging to Your Real Estate Agents

We’ll discuss what virtual staging is, how it compares to traditional staging, and how to sell virtual staging to your real estate agents

What Is the Best Matterport Business Model for Selling this Service?

Are you getting pressure from real estate clients or competitors to invest in Matterport? As you all know, the camera is very expensive and there is also a monthly hosting fee, adjusted based on the number of projects that are hosted.  To provide a solution for your business needs, you need to understand the basics, […]

The Case for Vertical Compositions in Real Estate Photography

Author: Pierre Galant Some of my real estate clients insist on not doing any vertical shots. Their reasoning is that they do not display well on traditional real estate outlets such as the MLS and syndicated sites. This makes sense to some degree, however, I believe this is a short-sighted perspective. While those sites are […]

Preparing Your Images for MLS and Printing

Jennifer, from Oakville, ON, Canada, asks: I’m a bit confused about resizing images. I’m not exactly sure about color space terminology and what a good "DPI" is for MLS. It’s my sense that MLS requirements for web pics are different from region to region across my area (I’m in central Canada) and I’m assuming it’s […]

How Can Real Estate Photographers Use Social Media to Promote Their Business?

Daniel recently asked: I have a question in regards to real-estate photographers and social marketing. I've been in business for 5 years now but have never done ANY type of advertising (besides maybe a handful of business cards). I've recently created a FaceBook page for my business but it's constantly blank as I seem to […]

How to Market Real Estate Photography to Real Estate Agents

Devon in CA says: I recently introduced myself to a large office of Realtors in my area with intentions to just get my flyers around. However the lady at the front desk told me that very few of their realtors were in at the time. She suggested to me to actually contact the office manager […]

Do Real Estate Photographers Need to Ask For Permission to Use Listing Photo For Their Own Marketing?

Summer in California asks: Do I need to ask permission from the realtor, or homeowner to use the photos I take of their listing for my own marketing (website, social media, mailers, etc.)?

Are Matterport 3D Tours A Money Making Product For Real Estate Photographers?

Kelvin in Big Sky Country recently asked the following: Searching your site regarding Matterport, I found some thoughts about it from 2014 that would sway me to believe that the value wasn't there as compared to the $4500 investment.  I'm curious to know if that has changed, or if anyone reports recouping that investment and […]

Giving A Presentation On Real Estate Photography To An Office Of Agents

Kerry Bern moderates a real estate photography group on Linkedin and pointed out that one of the group members (Ray Kenney) posted a video of a presentation that he gives to real estate brokerages. Kerry says: I thought he did a great job with his presentation. The important part he didn't go in to the meeting […]

How To Connect With Agent Clients When You Are Starting Out In Real Estate Photography?

Not too long ago I got some real estate photography business starting out questions from Chris in New Jersey. I think the questions are classic and important enough to look at in detail. Here is Chris's initial question: I have been trying to get a real estate business up and running since October of 2013 […]
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