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Image banner for the November 2023 PFRE Photographer of the Month Winner Javier Sotomayor, with a featured image of his winning photo titled "Open"

Congratulations to Javier Sotomayor, November 2023 PFRE Photographer of the Month! The theme this month was "Open." Javier Sotomayor - Entry #879 Dave Koch - Entry #877 Peter Wingfield - Entry #874 Here's what Javier has to say: Hello First of all I wa ...



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Larry Lohrman

Aurora HDR vs LR/Enfuse

Ever since Aurora HDR 2019 was released and everyone was raving about how much the HDR processing has improved, I've been interested to see how it compares to LR/Enfuse. I tried it and it looks pretty good to me but I asked Simon Maxwell in London (the author of the Enfuse e-book and video series) […]
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What Kinds of Stabilizers Are Property Video Shooters Using?

Last week Robert asked: I am looking to enter the field of real estate video.  I was wondering what is the best 3 axis hand held gimbal you or your readers might recommend - or would a good dolly work for interiors. I shoot primarily with the Canon 5D Mark III and a 16-35mm lens. […]

My MLS Is Now Claiming a License for the Photos I Upload

Pamela in Florida says: As I am uploading some photos to the MLS for an associate this morning (I'm also an agent and photographer), I see this pop up for the first time - "...I hereby grant to MLO an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to use, reproduce, modify, resize, adapt, […]

What Sun Tracking App or Website Do Most Real Estate Photographers Use?

Jack in Florida recently asked: What do most real estate photographers use to determine the lighting conditions (sun) for a particular address at some future date and time?

Getting Started Shooting Real Estate with a Sony A6xxx

in Sunriver, OR says: I'm a licensed agent and general contractor in California; although I currently live in Sunriver, OR. Since the passing of my husband a few years ago, and needing to support myself, I am looking to switch gears. I've always had a good eye for design, have an appreciation for real estate, […]

How to Use Pole Photography to Get No Drone Aerial Photos

the years, I've pointed out how important it is to be able to shoot at an elevated point of view when shooting the front exterior shot. Before the advent of drones, the standard way to get your camera elevated was a pole. You could either put your main camera on the pole or use a […]

Would the New DJI OSMO Pocket Work for Real Estate Walk-Through Video?

in North Carolina asks: Has anyone purchased and begun using the DJI OSMO Pocket to provide walk thru video tours for clients? If you look at the reviews of the DJI OSMO Pocket, it is getting great reviews. Gerald Undone's review to the right is just one example. There are many other positive reviews!

Is an f/2.8 Lens Essential for Real Estate Photography?

Michael, who is just starting out in real estate photography says: I am trying to decide what equipment to purchase and am wondering how important minimum aperture is for a lens. I understand that f/2.8 is preferable in low light conditions but in low light conditions I will be using strobes. As you know, there […]

How Many Photos Do You Deliver for a Typical Real Estate Shoot?

Marea in Florida asks: What are professional photographers charging for additional photos now that MLS is allowing 50 images? The fact is that many MLSs have allowed unlimited photos for many many years! So this is by no means a new issue. Back in 2015, I had a fairly extensive discussion on the subject of […]

What Are the Limits of Photoshopping Listing Photos?

Justin in Australia pointed out this recent article in about the listing photos misrepresenting the color of the Brisbane River. Some Reddit users noticed that there was a little part of the river in the lower right of the photo that had been missed by whomever did the photoshopping job. This error makes the […]

How Soon Can You Schedule a Real Estate Shoot and How Long Does It Take You to Deliver Results?

Taylor in West Michigan asks: I'm wondering if you have any information on average lead times and media turnaround times for real estate photographers working full time. This question reminds me of sitting at a home seller's kitchen table with my wife after the listing clients signed a listing agreement. The first thing out of […]

What Are the Best Light Diffusers for Shooting Large Rooms?

Discover the best diffusers for shooting real estate interiors and learn different approaches to using flash lighting.

How to Setup Auto White Balance on the Sony A7III

in New Jersey says: I am a run (sprint) and gun kind of guy. Recently, I switched from a crop sensor, Nikon D5300 to a Sony A7III, and while I knew there would be a big learning curve, I find there are some things in the Sony that are just a bit odd, or I […]

Onsite Dangers for Real Estate Photographers

Dave in Australia pointed out this article on Fstoppers titled: The Biggest Dangers Photographers Face. The article points out several  specific on-site dangers for real estate photographers: Make sure homeowners are expecting you. One Atlanta real estate photographer was shot by a surprised homeowner who wasn't notified of the shoot. Beware, many listing agents aren't […]

Does Anyone Use an Independent Light Meter to Shoot Interiors?

in Alabama asked the following: I've recently been reading about the Sekonic C-700 color and light meter. It seems like an amazing tool with great potential for PFRE users but how would you best use a device like this to sort the perennial problems of WB and color accuracy in rooms with multiple light sources? […]

Wide-Angle Lenses for Real Estate Photography: How Wide Is Wide?

A wide-angle lens is something everyone getting into real estate must get before anything else because you can't get by shooting interiors with off-the-shelf kit lenses that come with cameras! I've talked to several Real Estate Photographers recently in the process of purchasing new DSLRs and noticed that there is a misunderstanding about what lenses […]

Lumenzia: A Luminosity Masking Panel for Photoshop

the most recent episode of Shooting Spaces Podcast, Rich and Brian interviewed Greg Benz who is the developer of Lumenzia, which is an extension for Photoshop that allows you to: Select and mask anything visually Creates masks automatically Simplifies exposure blending Keeps files smaller by not using channels Creates vignettes with ease I think Lumenzia […]

Need Help Getting Correct White Balance on Sony A7III

in Texas says: I purchased a Sony A7III and I'm having difficulty using it on real estate photo shoots. The real problem is when I turn on the camera mounted flash (Flashpoint Zoom R2 TTL), the white balance changes to very warm, even when it's set to auto. When I'm not using the flash, auto […]

What Should Real Estate Photographers Charge for Travel?

Ashley in South Carolina asks: At what distance/mileage do you recommend charging a "travel" fee and what are the typical rates? As far as what to charge for your mileage and time, here are some considerations:

Creating and Printing Flyers for Real Estate Agents

John in St Louis asks: Can you recommend a flyer and brochure printing service that services the real estate industry? There is nothing special about the needs of the real estate industry in the area of flyer/brochure printing. Many businesses use flyers and brochures. Here are some approaches for real estate flyers and brochures:

Who Owns the Copyright for Real Estate Images?

Jack in Florida says: I'm starting to get confused about who actually owns copyright privileges to the images that are posted on the MLS. My local area Real Estate Association seems to think that they do once they are on MLS. They even put their Association logo on the images posted to MLS. Do real […]

Shooting an Empty Room with a Bright Window and Shiny Floors

Steven in Jersey says: A few months back, I had a photo shoot in an empty house with wood floors. In post-processing, I noticed what a poor shot it was. Recently, this happened again. The dark/light extremes and exposure are really kicking me in the pants. In post, I can bring the exposure up but […]

How Can Real Estate Photographers Use Social Media to Promote Their Business?

Daniel recently asked: I have a question in regards to real-estate photographers and social marketing. I've been in business for 5 years now but have never done ANY type of advertising (besides maybe a handful of business cards). I've recently created a FaceBook page for my business but it's constantly blank as I seem to […]

Keeping the Neighbors Near a Drone Real Estate Shoot Happy

that more and more people understand what drones are, what they do, and what they are capable of, the neighbors around the homes you photograph are becoming more sensitive about having a drone near their home. The video to the right shows a great example of someone who doesn't like a drone near his home. […]

You Can Shoot Real Estate with Only a 24mm Lens!

in Gig Harbor, WA (just south of Seattle) says: Here's a 750 sq ft home I shot with a 24mm. If this doesn't prove that all those zoom-wide lens aren't needed I give up. I literally never go any wider than 24mm these days (often 50mm). The 24mm TS-E hasn't been off my camera in […]

What Software Do You Use to Create Floor Plans?

Manny in New York asks: What Floor Plan creation software or app do you recommend? There are so many out there, it's hard to choose. Another similar question from Julian in Ontario: Any recommendations on floor plan drawing (hardware and software)? I am thinking of it for side work as real estate photographer. Janice, a Realtor […]

Why Is One-Point Perspective so Popular in Swedish Real Estate Photography?

in Sweden asks: This past year, I have seen quite a lot of real estate pictures being shot "straight on," with nothing but straight (or rather, as straight as they could get them aligned) lines. Is this some sort of new phase? Or why are they repeatedly doing this in the majority of the shots? […]

Example of Interior Video that Can Be Shot with a DJI OSMO

in NZ says: I'm looking at buying some LED lights to help with real estate interior video while using an X5 and DJI Osmo. All suggestions welcome. How many do I need to illuminate an average room? I would encourage you to hold off on buying LED lights for shooting interior video because the top […]

Why Are Some Agents Asking Real Estate Photographers to Sign a Work for Hire Agreement?

in LA asks: I got a call from an agent today to shoot a condo next week. I set up a time and everything and just as I was about to hang up he said he had a new agreement form that his office wants photographers to sign and that it says he will own […]

Lighting for Real Estate Photography Video Series by Scott Hargis

I was talking to Malia Campbell who shot the video for Scott Hargis's now famous real estate photography lighting video series. She reminded me that I am going on 6 years since she and Scott released this fantastic video series. For those of you who are just starting out in real estate photography and want […]

How Do Real Estate Photographers Eliminate Shadows from Ceiling Fans?

in New Jersey asks: How do I eliminate the upward light shadow caused by ceiling fan blades onto the ceiling? Rich Baum explains in the video tutorial to the right how to remove the shadow in Photoshop. But you can also quickly and easily eliminate ceiling fan shadows by the way you position multiple off-camera […]

Why Don't the Architectural Digest and Dwell Websites Give Photo Credit to Photographers?

Craig in Virginia asked: I've noticed that seemingly legitimate websites like AD and Dwell are featuring MANY homes using photo citations such as "Photos Courtesy of Coldwell Banker" or "Courtesy from listing on Trulia." One in particular from today (1/30/18) is this one. These are full feature articles written by staff writers of prestigious magazines. […]

Congratulations to Jordan Powers - PFRE Videographer of the Month for January 2018

Congratulations to Jordan Powers, in Mankato, Minnesota who has won the January 2018  PFRE Videographer of the Month Contest. Here is Jordan's stunning video. The jurors were very impressed with Jordan's video.

Congratulations Wayne Capili – January PFRE Photographer of the Month

As you can see, I had an awesome bunch of twilight exterior entries this month. Congratulations to Wayne Capili in Monterey, CA, whom the jury has voted PFRE Photographer of the Month for January, 2018. Wayne's last win was PFRE Photographer of the Year in 2008. An interesting fact that I had learned about Wayne about […]

How Do Interior Photographers Get Rid of Unwanted Lens Flare?

in Texas says: I use a Canon 17-40 mm on a 5D MKIII and for the most part, it performs well. However, even when shooting north facing windows or otherwise shade-side windows in certain circumstances, l experience lens flare. The inconsistency of it is what drives me crazy. Is there a magic camera-to-window angle or […]

Do Real Estate Photographers Use Neutral Density and Polarizing Filters?

in Louisiana asks: Do real estate photographers use neutral density (ND) and polarizing filters? Yes, here's how real estate photographers/videographers use these filters: Neutral density filters: Mostly used when shooting video to get the video frame rate where you want it. See this video tutorial for details. Polarizing filters: Used on exterior shots where the […]

Is It Legal to Use Google Earth and Google Maps Imagery on Real Estate Listings?

Leroy in Alberta asked: I started focusing on real estate photography this year and your site has been a very valuable resource! When I Googled this subject, I saw that some people referring to Google Earth Pro users being able to use images commercially, but sifting through the opinions on the online world to get […]

Congratulations to Aaron Kraft--PFRE Photographer of the Year for 2017!

Congratulations to Aaron Kraft, PFRE Photographer of the year for 2017! Contestants for Photographer of the Year were the winners of the photographer of the month. Below is the result of the jury's voting. The list shows all contestants that got votes in order of the number of votes received: Aaron Kraft Michael Lefebvre Gary […]

I Don't Need No Stinken Gray Card!

Brad in WI asked the following: Does anyone use several grey cards in a room to get accurate color balance? There are plenty of tutorials on how to use a single grey card but they frequently have it placed near a window or tungsten light. Frequently, it's near the edge of the frame which can […]

Should Real Estate Photographers Be Accompanied While Shooting a Listing?

Bob in Albuquerque says: I've been shooting RE now for almost 4 years. I have a licensed business and carry liability insurance. Recently, a topic came up over coffee with a client which leads me to this post. I have a question about who, if anyone, should be present when you are shooting. Though I […]
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