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How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold?

Published: 17/10/2023

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Knowing the number of images you can fit into your storage device is a game changer. You can determine the amount of storage your memory cards have before taking on a new real estate photography project. Below, I've answered the question how many photos can 64GB hold?

How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold?

64GB SD cards can store 969 to 5333 RAW images if shot with a resolution within 4MP - 22MP. However, it keeps between 9696 and 53333 JPEG images in the same resolution range. This figure amounts to 17777 images on a GoPro.

A person inserting a black 64GB memory card into a black DSLR camera

Most photographers find it difficult to answer how many pictures can a 64GB SD card hold. The number of images in 64GB depends on the average image file size. Thus, you might find these estimates confusing.

Factors Affecting the Size of Image Files

There are several factors affecting the size of every image from your camera. So, it’s likely that two images shot at the same settings and exposure can have different sizes. These factors influence how many photos a 64GB memory card can save.

Quality Settings

High-quality photos will have bigger sizes. This stems from the fact that high-quality photos need more details while capturing. As a result, this increases the average image file size.

The size of your image or video files depends on its bit depth. This feature refers to how much space every pixel on an image needs to store its colors. A greater number of colors in an image will result in a higher bit depth and larger file sizes.

File Format

There are a few different file formats for storing your images. It all boils down to how you intend to use them and the ease of transfer.

  • JPEG format: JPEG is one of the most common file formats since you can convert an original shot to a JPEG by compressing it. This form of compression is known as lossy compression. It reduces the size of an image and its quality by deleting some of its JPEG quality settings.
  • RAW format: A RAW image is much larger than a JPEG format. Unlike JPEG files, a RAW format undergoes a form of compression called “lossy compression”. Shooting RAW allows you to compress a photo size without reducing the quality.
  • DNG format: Digital Negative is an open-source alternative to shooting RAW. While such files are a bit smaller than a RAW file size, most cameras don't save in this format.

Camera Resolution

Another factor affecting your image's size is the camera resolution. This term describes the camera's file size. The quantity for measuring it is the MegaPixel. As a golden rule, the higher the MP, the larger the image file size.

Determining the Memory Card Size You Needd?

There are tens of memory card sizes out there with different specifications. However, you must still weigh these factors to determine how many pictures and videos you can work on while choosing the right storage device size.

Photo Use

The world of photography offers you lots of creative freedom. You can dive into different niches and work on a variety of projects. This freedom comes at a price of course. You need thorough research to find the best gear (e.g memory cards) based on your projects.

Here’s what I recommend based on some common photography niches:

  • Landscape photography: Landscape-type photographs have a wide range of aspect ratios like 3:2 or 2:1. The average landscape photo has a size of 10 to 50MB. Thus, I recommend 32GB of storage for a few hundred images.
  • Real estate photography: You have various shooting options as a real estate photographer. Still, you need to deliver high-quality image resolution. For example, Zillow recommends a dimension of 1536 x 1152 and a file size of less than 50MB. Thus, a 64GB card is suitable.
  • Wedding photography: Wedding photography is quite demanding, and different clients have different tastes. For example, some clients may ask for up to thousands of high-quality pictures. The smallest size for a quality wedding shot is around 10MB, so I recommend at least 1TB or more.

Types of Memory Cards

There are several types of memory cards and memory card specifications to consider. They’re classified based on their storage space, size, or usage.

A man was about to drop a black DSLR camera and a 64GB memory card
  • CF (CompactFlash): Photographers prefer a compact flash card because of its speed. This card comes in sizes ranging from 8GB to 512GB. There is enough for up to 14,222 RAW files and another 142,222 JPEGs.
  • SD (Secure Digital): When it comes to storing images, the SD card is by far the most common choice. This card also offers fast read processing, yet not quite as fast as the CF. Storage device capacities range from 2 gigabytes (GB) to 128 terabytes (TB).
  • MicroSD: The Micro SD card is significantly smaller than a standard SD card. Its compact size makes it a good fit for various modern cameras. The high-capacity cards can store 128TB or more data, while the ordinary models can only store 32GB.


You need to consider the speed of a specific camera before making a purchase. It’s one of those things that can make you love or despise your memory card. Most cards have a minimum write speed of 10MB/S, while some can be as much as 985MB/S. 

Type of Memory CardSpeed
Compact FlashUp to 167MB/S
Secure Digital 2MB/S - 10MB/S
SD High Capacity 10MB/S - 12.5MB/S 
SD Extended Capacity 10MB/S - 12.5MB/S
SD Ultra CapacityUp to 985MB/S 
Micros SDUp to 12.5 MB/S 

Top Recommendations for a 64GB SD Card

Now that you know how many pictures a 64GB card can hold, I'm giving you the best 64GB memory card options to shoot high-quality photos and videos.

SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 64GB microSD Card

The SanDisk UHS-I 64GB microSD is the best memory card because it saves 4K videos and high-res images while having a 160/MBs reading speed. This 64GB SD card is also resistant to shock, water, and temperature, ensuring it remains durable despite harsh outdoor shooting conditions.

SanDisk 64GB Extreme
  • Fast upload speed
  • Up to 80MB/s write speeds for fast shooting
  • 4K and 5K UHD-ready
  • Has a higher price point than other 64GB memory card
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Samsung EVO Select 64GB UHS-I microSD Card

The SAMSUNG EVO 64GB microSD Card also provides the space you need for saving photos, videos, and apps for editing real estate images. This 64GB memory card has a transfer speed of 130MB/s, letting you quickly move 4K videos and high-res pictures for post-processing.

  • Fast and smooth
  • Waterproof, x-ray proof, temperature proof
  • Compatible in gaming devices camera, drone, and smartphone
  • Bit thicker than other cards
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Lexar Professional 633x 64GB UHS-I microSD Card

The Lexar Professional 633x 64GB microSD Card is a premium option for capturing stunning 1080p, 3D, full-HD, and 4K videos. Its high-speed 120MB/s transfer rate will dramatically accelerate your workflow, especially when shooting tethered.

Lexar 64GB SDXC
  • Durable
  • High speed transfer
  • Compatible to personal computer and camera
  • Limited apps can be installed
Check Price on Amazon
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Calculating How Many Pictures a 64GB Memory Card Can Hold

To calculate how many photos can 64GB hold, you need to know the average file size based on the camera resolution. After that, divide the total storage device figure(in MB) by this average size.

Average Image Size for JPEG Format

  1. Know the average image file size based on the camera resolution
  2. Divide the total storage figure(in MB) by this average size

Average Image File Size for JPEG

  • 4MP = 1.2MB
  • 5MP = 1.5MB
  • 6MP = 1.8MB
  • 7MP = 2.1MB
  • 8MP = 2.4MB
  • 10MP = 3.0MB
  • 12MP = 3.6MB
  • 14MP = 4.2MB
  • 16MP = 4.8MB
  • 22MP = 6.6MB

Average Image Size for RAW Files

  • 4MP = 12MB
  • 5MP = 15MB
  • 6MP = 18MB
  • 7MP = 21MB
  • 8MP = 24MB
  • 10MP = 30MB
  • 12MP = 36MB
  • 14MP = 42MB
  • 16MP = 48MB
  • 22MP = 66MB

Ways to Use the Photo Capacity of 64GB SD Cards

These are the different ways photographers can take up a massive chunk of a 64GB SD card.

  • Extended time-lapse: You can easily fill the space of your memory cards if you shoot in time-lapse. For example, one hour of 4K video may consume 45GB, whereas 1080p could only take 23GB.
  • Incremental shooting: Taking many pictures with almost the same composition can also eat up space. Real estate photographers who produce composite images often do this.
  • High-resolution videos: The fastest way to fill up memory space is to shoot several high-resolution videos. The higher the quality, the faster your videos will consume space.

Related Questions

How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold On iPhone 11?

A 64GB storage space on an iPhone 11 can store up to 12,600 JPEG files. For a RAW format, it can store up to 1,500 images at a time. The average smartphone camera is around 6MP. However, this still depends on the image resolution.

How Many RAW Photos Can 128GB Hold?

A 128GB storage can hold about 35,500 photos, although this number can change based on the quality of the picture. If your camera has more megapixels, each photo will take up more space. Still, about 35,500 photos can fit on 128 gigs of space on a 12MP camera.

Should You Really Buy a 64GB SD Card?

You should buy a 64GB SD card if you have a limited budget and don't need much space to save photos. However, at least 128GB is the ideal memory card size for professional photographers to work on many photos and videos.


The number of photos you can keep in a 64GB storage ranges from a few hundred to a couple of thousand high-quality images. This figure depends on the camera settings, format, and camera resolution. Understanding and calculating how many photos you can store in a 64GB SD card can help you plan your shoots accordingly.


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