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How to Duplicate in Photoshop

Published: 09/11/2023

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The flexibility to duplicate objects, multiple layers, and even whole images in Adobe Photoshop CC opens the world to endless possibilities in creative editing. Explore how to duplicate in Photoshop using various methods to improve your real estate image enhancement skills.

How to Duplicate in Photoshop Using Multiple Methods

To duplicate objects in Photoshop, you can use the keyboard shortcuts, the Clone Stamp tool, or simply drag the elements. For duplicating layers, you may use the Layers panel, change the stacking of layers, or copy multiple layers from one image to another. Meanwhile, you can use the Image menu's Duplicate command to duplicate images.

As Photoshop’s claim to fame is its array of features, multiple methods exist to duplicate layers, objects, or pictures. I will guide you on how to copy elements, multiple layers, and real estate images using numerous techniques so that you can pick any of them for your next editing session.

Duplicating Objects

Duplicating an object in Photoshop is as simple as making a selection around it, copying it using any of the methods explained below, and pasting it on another section of the image. You can then adjust the final result by using the Eraser tool.

Method 1: Duplicate Using the Dragging Option

Do the following steps after opening your image in Adobe Photoshop CC. This method of object duplication is helpful when you need to copy and paste a small object several times. Using this method, you can see how I added a few small elements to the image.

Before anything else, make a duplicate layer of your background. Select the Layer in the panel, and press CTRL/CMD + J. This step is crucial if you want a non-destructive editing process where your original image stays unaffected.

Opening an image to be duplicated in Photoshop
  1. Select the new duplicate layer from the layers panel. Make a selection around the object that you intend to duplicate. 
  2. You can use the Rectangular Marquee tool for a rectangular selection or the Lasso tool for a freehand selection.
  3. The Quick Selection tool forms a selection based on matching pixels surrounding the selection for merging layers. In contrast, the Magic Wand tool will select based on color tones.
  4. After making the selection, switch to the Move tool by pressing V or choosing it from the toolbar.
  5. Press and hold ALT/OPT and drag the object. After forming the duplicate, you can place the duplicate objects anywhere you desire.
Duplicating in Photoshop using the dragging option

Method 2: Duplicate Using a Keyboard Shortcut

You can also duplicate elements in Photoshop with a keyboard shortcut.

  1. Select an area required for duplication.
  2. Press CTRL/CMD + C to make a copy of the selection.
  3. Now Press CTRL/CMD + V. This action will show the duplicated object on your canvas. 
  4. Use the Move tool to place the duplicate object in the desired location.

Method 3: Duplicate Using the Clone Stamp Tool

You can find this object selection tool in the toolbar on the left side of the Photoshop interface. It eliminates the need for precise selection, which may be more time-consuming for duplicating objects.

  1. Open an image in Photoshop.
  2. Create a background duplicate by selecting the layer in the Layers Panel and right-clicking on it. Select Duplicate Layer.
  3. Now select the duplicate layer and start experimenting with the Clone Stamp tool.
  4. Select the Clone tool from the toolbar.
Set the appropriate brush size for Clone Stamp tool
  1. Set an appropriate brush size. Choose a smaller value if you are cloning a small object with a complicated background. Meanwhile, set a larger value if you need a larger selection to be duplicated.
  2. Tick the Aligned checkbox.
  3. Within the selected layer, click and hold ALT/OPT and select the source of the image you want to clone.
  4. Now release the ALT/OPT key. Start painting another area with the Clone tool brush. The Brush will paint the same pixels as the source in another area. 
  5. If you want to remove the unmatched background due to the cloned object, use the Eraser tool to fix the background. Zoom in on the image so you can use the Eraser tool with precision.
  6. Besides the Clone tool, you can also use the Patch tool to make a replica of an object. The Patch tool is accessible from the toolbar and is best used for duplicating large, uniform areas.
Duplicate with Photoshop using the Clone Stamp tool

Method 4: Duplicate Using the Layers Panel Icon

Do this if you only want to copy and paste a part of the original image.

  1. Select the object within the image you wish to duplicate.
  2. Use the Object Selection Tool or press W to isolate an object.
  3. Copy and paste the object by pressing Command + C (Mac OS) or CTRL + C (PC), then CTRL + V to duplicate objects in a new layer.

Duplicating Layers

You can make as many duplicate layers in Photoshop. Duplicate layers allow you to copy the elements, which you can use on the current image and other images.

For many photographers, duplicating and copying multiple layers through the layers panel is the first step in their Photoshop workflow, as it saves your original image from being ruined.

Method 1: Duplicate Using the Layers Panel Icon

The keyboard shortcut CTRL/CMD + J is the easiest way to duplicate a layer. You can also get a selected layer in the Layers panel and drag it to the Create a New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel. It will make a copy of the new layer and create a new one in the Layers panel.

Method 2: Duplicate Using the Layers Menu

Duplicating multiple layers from the Layer menu on top has an added benefit. 

When you select your layer and go to Layers > Duplicate Layer, it opens a dialog box that allows you to create duplicate layers in another document. 

This saves you the hassle of dragging and dropping the selected layer into the document area of another image. The new duplicate layers will be automatically added to the Layer panel of the other duplicated image.

Duplicating a layer in Photoshop

Method 3: Duplicate Multiple Layers Using Right Click

You can also duplicate multiple layers by selecting them in the Layers Panel, right-clicking on them, and choosing the Duplicate Layer option.

Method 4: Duplicate Multiple Layers Within an Image

There are two ways to duplicate layers within a photo, including the Background layer.

If you only need to rename the layer, go to Layer and click on Duplicate Layer. Name the layer, then click on OK. For duplicate layers that don't require renaming, choose the correct layer, then drag it to the New Layer icon in the Layers panel.

Method 5: Duplicate One or Multiple Layers in Another Photo

Before proceeding, remember that if the two pictures don't have similar pixel dimensions, the duplicate layers may look larger or smaller than anticipated.

  1. Open the source photo. Additionally, open the destination image if you plan to copy and paste a new layer to an existing picture instead of a new one.
  2. Select the layer or layers you want to duplicate from the layers panel.
  3. Go to Layer, then click on Duplicate Layer.
  4. Input the name for the duplicate layer.
  5. Select a destination document, then click OK.
  6. Pick a filename from the Document pop-up menu to duplicate the layer in an existing photo.
  7. If you must create a new document for the duplicated image layer, select New from the Document menu, then enter a file name.

Method 6: Copy a New Layer From One Image to Another

Before you proceed, consider the destination image's resolution because this determines how large a layer's printed copy can be. 

After opening the two photos you intend to use, select the new layer icon you want to copy in the source image's Layers panel. After that, do any of the following to copy and paste a new layer or multiple layers:

  1. Go to Select, click on All, proceed to Edit, and click on Copy
  2. Head to Edit, and click on Paste to make the destination image active. 
  3. After that, drag the name of the correct layer from the source image's Layers panel into the destination photo.
  4. Pick the Move tool and drag the layer from the source image to the destination picture. You can also use this tool to drag the layer's other sections into view.

Duplicating an Image

There are two simple ways to duplicate an image so you can copy and paste it in Photoshop.

  1. While the image is opened in Photoshop, go to the Image menu. From the drop-down, select Duplicate
  2. In the image duplicate dialog box, type a name for your copy and select/deselect the Duplicate Merged Layers option according to your choice. Click OK, and you will see that the duplicated image will open in a new window with a new layer in the layers panel.
  3. If you don't want to use the dialog box while copying, simply hold the ALT/OPT key, select Image, and click on Duplicate.


While designing graphics or enhancing images, merging layers or creating multiple layers through the layers panel may come up. Using the techniques for copying layers and creating multiple layers, you can easily duplicate objects in Photoshop. These features add a lot of efficacy and speed to your editing workflow, giving you more time to take more real estate photos.


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