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Lighting for Real Estate Photography Video Series by Scott Hargis

Published: 13/03/2018
I was talking to Malia Campbell who shot the video for Scott Hargis's now famous real estate photography lighting video series. She reminded me that I am going on 6 years since she and Scott released this fantastic video series.

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For those of you who are just starting out in real estate photography and want to learn how to use small flashes for shooting real estate photography, Scott's video series is the best way to learn how to use small flashes. His real estate photo lighting techniques are unparalleled.

The great thing about a video series like this is that you can watch it over and over! I've watched it many times and it never gets old for me. Here is the first video in this series.

As you can see, Scott is a great teacher and Malia has produced a great bunch of videos. You would be amazed by the number of top real estate photographers who have raised the level of their work by watching Scott's video series.

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9 comments on “Lighting for Real Estate Photography Video Series by Scott Hargis”

  1. I love this series and refer back to it often. I'm curious if anyone else is using single exposure, like Scott, for their work? I'm having the dickens trying to get everything in camera and find myself "punting" all the time. I think it has to do with being lazy...but, who wants to admit that!

  2. I'm a single exposure adherent. (Bought the e-book, didn't subscribe to the videos.)

    I'll "punt" on speedlight reflections in windows and TVs, shooting a frame with the offending light at a different angle to do a quick mask later in PS. The other RE photogs in my small market are still HDR, so the images I offer agents really stand out.

  3. Getting it "right" in-camera is usually possible....but it's never mandatory. The video series was intended to show it isn't necessary to go through onerous (and destructive) post-processing to achieve a deliverable photo. Whether you want to "nail it" every time is up to you, but if nothing else, remember the adage, "Garbage In, Garbage Out". The better your RAW files are going *in* to post production, the better your results will be coming *out* of post production.

  4. I've seen a few notable RE photographers doing their work SOOC with little or no post, and have wondered what I could do to replicate that look. I have a single YN-560IV and while I do flambient, it usually involves post-processing with an ambient-only frame to brush out shadows from ceiling fans and light fixtures. I'm a long-time user of Adobe products, but I recently acquired a Sony A6000 and a Rokinon/Samyang 12mm lens, which I'm excited to use. I also had known about C1 for years (especially its purported superiority converting Sony RAW files over Lightroom) and just decided to see what it's about since I just picked up the A6000. I'm currently playing around with it to see how it handles RAW files compared to Lightroom and/or ACR, but it sure would speed up my workflow to be able to have deliverable images SOOC with flash, and not have to worry too much about harsh shadows like I mentioned. Supposing it's time to pull out the old no-frills, cheapo Canon flash that came with my T5 so long ago and see if it'll work off the A6000.

  5. @Donald Baylor Miller - We guarantee AT LEAST five years of unlimited access but it will likely be available forever (or until we're both unable to pay the hosting fee).

  6. @Donald - be careful with the "for life" as expiring could have nothing to do with Scott or Malia. It is not your life...but the company's life when they make those sales pitches. The company doesn't necessarily have to go under, they could be taken over eliminating competition and then acquiring company goes in a different direction, or the line wasn't profitable enough - think Nik plug-ins. Have another non-photography where the supporting technology they were dependent on, such as Microsoft Silverlight, is no longer supported/developed by Microsoft so stuck at version 12 of software on Apple but require running in Parallels to run the current (free upgrades) version 17.

  7. Hello. I am just learning about interior photography and I'm trying to get my hands on as much learning material as possible. I watched Scott's series on Does this video course cover the same information as the course? Or is it different enough to warrant the investment?

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