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How to Check Photoshop Serial Number

Published: 15/08/2023

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If you're like me, you're likely combing through your phone notes or sticky notes to find the serial number of your Photoshop when installing the program to another device or simply because Adobe is asking for it again.

Photo editors or graphic designers can access Photoshop differently, so the sources may also vary. As I get into real estate photography, I installed different versions of Photoshop several times over the years, I've found ways how to check the Photoshop serial number so you'll be ready to cope with the hot real estate photography trends anytime.

How to Check the Photoshop Serial Number

Before you can use Photoshop to grow your real estate photography business, you need a serial number. To check the serial number of Photoshop, go to your Adobe account, and look for a 24-digit code under the registered products. Alternatively, you may find the number on your order email, product box, or installer disc. You may also use a software key finder, Photoshop's System Info, or the Adobe Licensing Website.

It's easy to misplace the numbers, especially when you delete your order email, throw away the installer disc, or download the software through an online retailer. Some techniques may work on others, depending on how you acquired Adobe Photoshop. Thus, you can try on different ways until you locate the number.

A page showing registered products and serial number

Finding the Serial Number of Photoshop Through Your Adobe Account

You should easily find the 24-digit number in your Adobe account if you've bought Photoshop directly from Adobe.

  1. Go to
  2. Under the Registered Products or Plans & Products, look for the identification number with this sequence: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

Checking the Serial Number Using Adobe Licensing Website

The Adobe Licensing Website provides account information for Adobe users. You can use the website to track orders, view purchase histories, and search serial numbers.

  1. Head to the Adobe Licensing Website.
  2. Sign in using your Adobe ID.
  3. Go to License, and click on Retrieve Serial Numbers.
  4. In the Search options, choose your company's Deploy-to ID or End User ID.
  5. Select a Product Name, Product Version, and Platform from the drop-down options.
  6. Click on Search.
  7. Click on Export To CSV to save the list of serial numbers as a spreadsheet.
A page retrieving serial numbers with a black circle on the product information

Retrieving the Serial Number of Photoshop Through Your Order Email

If you bought Photoshop from Adobe directly, there should be a confirmation email about your purchase. In some cases, the email may include a unique number.

  1. Search your email inbox by typing "Adobe Photoshop", "Photoshop license", or "Photoshop activation".
  2. Look for the unique 24-digit code.
An email search query about Photoshop together with the results below it

Finding the Serial Number of Photoshop Using Photoshop System Info

You can also look for the unique number of Adobe Photoshop through the System Info, especially if you're using CS5 or CS6.

  1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click on the Help tab on the upper menu bar. If you can't see it, get your Photoshop out of full-screen.
  3. Select the System Info option.
  4. Scroll until you find the unique number.
Black Photoshop window previewing the "Help" tab

Checking the Serial Number Through Your Amazon Account

Suppose you bought Adobe Photoshop Elements from Amazon. You should get a redemption code in your Amazon account. 

  1. Open your Amazon account.
  2. Navigate to Your Orders.
  3. Copy the redemption code.
  4. Go to
  5. If you're a returning Adobe user, sign in using your email and password. If you're new to Adobe, create an account.
  6. Type the redemption code from Amazon, then click on Redeem.
  7. Select Download and install the software.
  8. Sign in again if necessary.
  9. Select Activate and enter the number.
Amazon page previewing the order details

Retrieving the Serial Number of Photoshop Using Prepaid Keycards

The Adobe Creative Cloud for Students and Teacher Editions aims to support education by offering discounts to teachers and students who need to use the software for academic purposes. The features of the Adobe Student and Teacher Editions are similar to the standard commercial versions.

The difference is that this plan can be 60% to 70% off the regular prices. Since it has different licensing terms, you must present proof of eligibility. Generally, Adobe doesn't require a number for this plan. 

Instead, you must sign in with your Adobe ID to activate the membership. However, if you bought your plan from a retailer, you must receive the code through email or a prepaid card.

  1. Scratch off the foil on the back of the prepaid keycard.
  2. Head to to enter the redemption code.
Adobe Photoshop Software download card

Finding the Serial Number Using an Installer Disc

If you have Adobe Photoshop using an installer disc or a downloadable file, look for the number on the disc sleeve. Meanwhile, some retailers may put a unique number on the receipt or order number online.

Checking the Serial Number of Photoshop Using the Product Box

Retrieving serial numbers is also possible using a product box. You can find the 24-digit code on the insert card or DVD sleeve of the product box.

Retrieving the Photoshop Serial Number via a Software Key Finder

A third-party tool like a software key finder is an excellent alternative if you no longer have the confirmation email. This option is also great if you've lost your installer disc or product box.

  1. Download a free software key finder. You can also use this software to find the license number or product key of most programs, including Windows.
  2. Install the software key finder.
  3. After opening the app, click on the Start Recovery button.
  4. The software will look for every product key on your laptop or computer.
  5. Click the Save To File button to save the product keys into a text file.

What Is the Importance of Checking Photoshop Serial Numbers

Your 24-digit number is a unique set of numbers assigned to your Adobe Photoshop purchase. While you won't need it every time you open Photoshop, there are instances where you must check the number and input it as required.

  • Complete installation process: When you purchase Adobe Photoshop, it comes with a unique set of serial numbers that you need to register or activate your software. Otherwise, the installation process won't finish.
  • Verify account eligibility: There are times when Adobe may ask for your number to verify your account when getting updates or support. With a pirated Adobe Photoshop version, you might not get the full functionality of the software. You might not even get to rasterize in Photoshop or perform smooth edits if you have an unlicensed product. Additionally, you won't be able to request customer support from Adobe.
  • Ability to transfer from one computer to another: When you need to transfer Photoshop from one computer to another, you must sign in again before installing the software. Adobe will then require you to input the unique number and transfer the license.
  • Check for expiration: There are instances where you can't access your software because you have an expired number. You can only verify this once you type in the number again on your Adobe account.

Related Questions

What Do Serial Numbers of Adobe Photoshop Look Like?

Photoshop's serial numbers look like 24-digit codes. It's typically grouped in fours with hyphens in between. For example, 1190-1253-5076-2180-0722-1205.

Are the Product IDs the Same as the Serial Numbers in Adobe Photoshop?

The product IDs and Adobe Photoshop's serial numbers are different. Product IDs are identification numbers that distinguish the products from others. On the other hand, serial numbers are unique numbers that identify individual pieces of software.

Why Are My Serial Numbers Invalid or Revoked?

If you have an invalid or revoked serial identification number, it may be because Adobe blocked it. Adobe sometimes blocks the numbers not issued by the company, especially those from unauthorized sellers using counterfeit software.


You can search Photoshop serial numbers using your Adobe account, Adobe Licensing Website, Amazon account, Photoshop's System Info, your order email, or a software key finder. Likewise, you can find the number in the installer disc, product box, or prepaid keycard. However, some ways may only work depending on how you purchased Photoshop.


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